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THREADS: Suzy Q’s Quilting uses only high quality quilting threads on your quilts. I have over 200 colors, including many variegated threads to ensure you get the best color(s) for your quilt top and design option. I will also special order a particular color if required. There is no additional thread charge as it is included within the quilting prices stated in the Prices and Services Page. Once your quilt top has arrived at my studio, we will discuss thread options for your top. For the quilt backing, I use a bobbin thread in a color that will blend in the best, unless you state you want a contrasting color, which we can then discuss. The threads that I use are AURIFIL, AURILUX and SUPERIOR. If you would like more information please contact me at

BACKINGS: Suzy Q's Quilting offers you a variety of options for you quilt backing. I am happy to let you know that I will continue to stock the very polpular FIRESIDE! This has and continues to be a favorite for a backing and is available in most colors at all times (unfortunately, I do run out on occasion and/or waiting for backorders to be filled). BUT most often, you will find a color that you will love and will make that quilt of yours oh so COZY! It's 60" wide so often fits baby and lap quilts without havign to worry about pieicing. If you need two cuts - I can do the pieicng for you for a small fee. Suzy Q's Quilting also offers a wide variety of 108" WIDE quilt backs. These are awesome as you do not need to peice your back - it will be all one piece of fabric. I also have some bolts of fabric - they a quality quilting cottons, generally 42" wide and mainly in solids. These can be cut and peiced to fit your back- either by you or I can do this for you for a small fee!  Lots of options and lots of possibiblities at Suzy Q's!

BATTING: Suzy Q’s Quilting stocks top quality quilt batting for your convenience so you need not worry about purchasing the correct amount or squaring up. All unused scraps and leftovers are returned to you with your quilt. You will be provided an estimated cost for your batting in your work order. Battings stocked are:

  • 96” HOBBS HEIRLOOM ORGANIC: 100% COTTON w/Scrim Binder
  • 96” HOBBS HEIRLOOM BLEACHED: 100% COTTON w/Scrim Binder
  • 90” x 108” HOBBS CLOUD LOFT (High Loft: 100% POLYESTER) 

It can be a difficult decision choosing the batting for your quilt. I have listed some information for you to assist you in your decision. I also recommend looking at the information provided by the manufacturer. You can find the batting specs for all the Hobbs battings at:

WOOL BATTINGS: I am finding Wool battings are becoming more and more popular asthey don’t require the special care they once did. They are the best for year round use as they respond to body temperature extremely well. They have more loft than the 80/20, and are softer than polyester, so are a little more cuddlier than other choices. Regarding shrinkage, generally there is none but check your batting specs as a precaution.

COTTON BLENDS (80/20) BATTINGS: Is my personal favorite. It breathes very well, meaning it responds to body temperature, and is lighter than 100% cotton, so (in my opinion) the quilt is more usable as a year round quilt. It has just enough loft in it to provide a little puffiness within the quilting design – very nice for custom work, and it machine quilts very easily. When considering shrinkage, refer to your batting specs, but in general, the cotton blend shrinks only a minimal amount.

COTTON BATTINGS: Lay very flat and breathe well. If it doesn’t have a scrim binder it should be quilted closely together to prevent the fibers from migrating which can cause the quilt to get a little lumpy in areas. Batting without scrim or not needlepunched are VERY difficult to machine quilt. If there is a scrim binder, then your quilt can be quilted in a less dense manner. See your batting specs to determine the maximum distance between stitches. Shrinkage is also a consideration. Check your batting specs to determine shrinkage as you may want to consider washing your batting prior to quilting.

POLYESTER BATTINGS: Give quilts the “puffy” look if it is high loft batting and is very warm, as it does not breathe at all. They are more difficult to quilt as they can move around during quilting. Generally, there is no shrinkage to polyester battings. Be careful when choosing polyester batting - there are some that I really would not recommed and most I will not quilt. Please check with me first if you are unsure!


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