Freehand Designs


Freehand Designs: $2.75 - $4.00 (CAD) per square foot – Edge to Edge
                                  Minimum Charge: $60.00

This particular style of quilting is a form of meandering with the exception that the continuous line is a variable design such as loops, ribbons, stars, hearts, flowers, leaves etc., More intricate designs can incorporate two or more themes, such as flowers and leaves or you may choose a more dense design such as peacock feathers to enhance your quilt. The list below is some popular designs. If you have something in mind that you don’t see listed, please contact me as I am always designing more options and looking for new ideas. To have a look at the pictures, just click on the thumbnails below to view samples of some of these designs listed in this category. A lot of these designs can also be seen in areas of Custom Design quilts, but are listed here as an edge-to-edge design. Again, don’t forget to check out the Gallery to see more wonderful quilts. Thank you!

Freehand Designs Available – Edge to Edge


Loops $2.75 per sq.ft   Ribbon $2.75per sq.ft
Triangles $2.75 per sq.ft   Bubbles $3.00 per sq.ft
Baby Bonnets $3.00 per sq.ft   Geometric $3.25per sq.ft
Figure 8’s $2.75per sq.ft   Butterfly Wings $3.50 per sq.ft
Stars w or w/o loops $3.00 per sq.ft   Hearts w or w/o loops $3.00 per sq.ft
Flowers w or w/o loops $3.00  per sq.ft   Basic Leaves $3.00 per sq.ft
½ Spiral Curly Q’s $3.00 per sq.ft   Tassels $3.50per sq.ft
Leaves w/Curls $3.00 per sq.ft   Leave/vine $3.50per sq.ft
Holly & Berries $3.25 per sq.ft   Flowers w/leaves $3.50 per sq.ft
Flowers w/ribbon $3.50 per sq.ft   Echoed Flowers $3.75 per sq.ft
Roses w/leaves $3.50 per sq.ft   Peacock Feathers $4.00 per sq.ft
Crescents $3.25 per sq.ft   Flames $4.00 per sq.ft
Water $3.25 per sq.ft   Wind & Fire $4.00 per sq.ft
Feather Flowering $3.75 per sq.ft   Feathers Spirals $4.00 per sq.ft

These pictures are of customer quilts that have chosen the design. Pictures will be updated regularly, so check back often. Please, refer to my Gallery for more pictures of quilts with freehand quilting treatments. Thank you.

 Donna Lee Lovers Knot hearts & Loops
Donna Lee Lovers
Knot hearts & Loops
E2E Stars Hearts Swirls Loops Ruth
E2E Stars Hearts
Swirls Loops Ruth
 Pices Customer YBR Flowers and Loops
Pices Customer YBR
Pieces Customer Hearts & Loops
Pieces Customer

Hearts & Loops
 Sewing WClass All About me closeup lops
Sewing WClass
All About me closeup lops
 Shelley hearts and loops
Shelley hearts
and loops
 Stars and Loops Ellen D
Stars and Loops
Ellen D
 SWC Closeup Stars and Loops
SWC Closeup
Stars and Loops
Sylvia Closeup Stars and Loops
Sylvia Closeup
Stars and Loops
Val Flowers and Ribbons
Val Flowers

and Ribbons


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