Quilt Preparation


  • Quilt Tops should have all loose threads cut from the front & back of the quilt top.

  • Clearly identify the top of the quilt if it is of a directional nature.

  • Ensure your quilt is square. If your quilt is not square or your borders are wavy, it is possible you will have puckers/tucks after it is quilted. Please notify me of any areas that may cause difficulties so potential puckers/tucks can be minimized as much as possible. If you are unsure as to how to properly apply your borders, please contact me, or your local quilt shop for instructions. It is well worth the extra effort. Honest.

  • Please – NO SERGED seams.

  • If your borders are pieced and/or have points, please stay stitch 1/8” all the way around to ensure the stitches do not loosen during quilting.

  • Please PRESS your quilt top well before bringing or sending to me. Carefully folded quilt tops rarely require any re-pressing at time of quilting and in the cases where light pressing is required due to shipping, Suzy Q’s will not charge for this service.

  • Backing & Batting should be 3- 4” larger than the quilt top on all four sides. For example: If your quilt top measures 56” x 70” please ensure the backing and batting measures a minimum of 62” x 76”. This extra is required for loading to ensure your top is not distorted in any way.

  • When piecing your backing with the selvage edges together, please make seam allowances 5/8”, then trim to 1/4” – 3/8”, removing the edge of the selvage that can cause warping after the quilt is completed and washed. Selvage edges left on the outer edge(s) is fine. NOTE:  If you need to make your back BIGGER - DO not simply add borders around - there must be at least 10" all the way around WITHOUT SEAMS. If you require further information, please come into the shop and we will be happy to explain this further. Also note - quilt back cannot be "centered" perfectly due to the longarm quilting process.

  • Press your backing seam(s) OPEN and press backing well. If you are peicing fireside please contact me FIRST as there are tricks necessary when using stretch fabrics for back. (Note: I do not quilt minkee if it is anything larger that one cut ie: Baby Quilt, and can have NO seams)

  • Backing and Batting must also be squared up – if you need clarification, please contact me for more details.

  • If you are piecing your batting, please ensure it has not been distorted in the process. It must lay flat. In my opinion, the best way to piece your batting is to hand whip stitch the pieces together. 

  • Do not use any batting that is not bonded (w/o a scrim). It just falls apart on the machine frame and would undoubtedly leave your quilt with uneven layers of batting. I highly recommend using the batting I stock as it is high quality and I know it lasts! 

  • Do not pin or baste your layers together. Each piece is loaded separately on my quilting machine. Also, DO NOT leave any pins in the quilt. They could cause damage to my machine and/or your quilt. It you need to leave a notation, use masking or painters tape. Thank you.

  • Remember, quilt preparation can be done at Suzy Q’s Quilting. 

If you have any Questions or need Clarification, please Contact Me before you bring or send your quilt.
Thank You,
Suzy Q!

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