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Suzy Q’s offers many different styles of quilting using an APQS LUCEY quilting machine. This is a hand-guided machine, which means there is no computer or gadgets attached. Your quilt will be quilted entirely by my hand, motion and rhythm. You can rest assured, that when your quilt is on my frame, it is the most important one in my studio and has my undivided attention at all times. Your quilt will be safe at all times.

Choosing a quilting design for your quilt can seem challenging at times, but you need not worry. I am here to help you choose what will look nice, within the budget you can afford. There are so many truly beautiful freehand and pantograph designs that are affordable, and will bring your quilt to life. Bring in your quilt and we will discuss your options, provide and estimate and turnaround time.





Other Services Available: All prices listed are in Canadian Funds

Binding Service Please contact me for pricing for Binding Services. 
Quilt Preparation Examples of quilt preparation that you may want to consider is seaming and/or piecing your backing fabric for your quilt; pressing and/or stay-stitching the sides the sides of your quilt top; or removing loose threads the top back. Shop rate is $50.00 per hour.

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